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Energy. Introduction. What is energy? History of energy. Units of measure. Forms of energy. Kinetic energy. Potential energy. Electrical energy. Heat energy. Thermal energy. Conservation of energy. Conclusions. Resources.

The topic of my individual project is about energy – the most common seen thing everywhere and anytime. I divided my work into several parts: what is energy , history of energy , units of measure , forms of energy , conservation of energy. My aims of the project are to analyze as much as posible about energy , what the most important energy forms are. I choose this topic, because in physics , the thing energy is quite hard to understand and in my opinion everything is made of energy and wanted to deepen knowledge about it.

As I mentioned before, energy quite hard to understand, there are much more energy forms , formulas, and physical scientists discovering new types of energy , so there are much more what to learn. Personally, this work helped me to get more knowledge about energy energy history and conversation of energy. Unfortunately, I didn’t written everything, there were more things to write, but in my opinion, this topic is the main information.

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