Am I happy?

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Am I happy?

It goes without saying that at least once in a lifetime we start to question ourselves are we really happy, what makes us happy, or why we are unhappy. I‘m no exception and tend to ask these questions myself rather often. So now I will try answering this question.

To begin with happiness has a lot in common with safety, if you feel unsafe you will not be happy even if you tried your best. Which brings me to safety in Lithuania. Many people in Lithuania already feel uneasy about situation with Russia, and threats by the country towards the Baltic States. All that makes people worried and unhappy.

Moreover, even though old saying goes ‘’money doesn’t make you happy’’ nowadays it’s partly untrue, because without money people are seriously stressed and unhappy also. To make decent amount of money in Lithuania may be one of the hardest tasks. Job opportunities aren’t the best either, which makes me worried about my own future in this country.

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