And Books book fair

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And Books book fair.

„andBooks“ is not another tradinional publishing house . It now consists of only 5 people working for the company.. It doesn‘t have any branches in real life, just the office, located in Kaunas and digital website for their sales.

The company disseminates professional academic art, humanitarian and social literature from best universities of the world, such as Edinburgh, Yales, Oxford and so on.

Although they did not exhibit a wide range of books, but we could see and touch the newest publications of those universities books about fashion, art, architecture, design, psychology and more.

What’s interesting, that all those books were in English. As the company collaborate with global publishing company “Wiley” in England and many other countries such as Germany, Latvia, Italy, it gets the finest publications in Europe.

I will now let my colleague speak about the marketing strategy of this company more.

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