Anglų dialogas (2)

Anglų namų darbas. Dialogas apie piramides. Welcome to the egipt! Today you can have a rest in your hotel, couse tommorow we will have a trip to look pyramids. • are they big? ◘ yes, they are big. • mhm. Like that? ◘ no, bigger. • then, like that? ◘ the biggest is. M • wow! So, like that. ◘ you will see they tommorow. • okey. I think that they are like that.

◘ They were biggest until 1889m, when the eifel tower was built.

* And you’re saying, that people built pyramids by hands?

◘ Many people doesn’t understand how it’s imposible, but science proove, that peole not just built them by hands, but that they wasn’t slaves, that it was them job too.

• Why they built so big building to burial person? They could burial him in land.

◘ They was burialing faraons in pyramids. People believed, that faraons can talk with god, and after faraon died people wanted him to communicate with gods.

◘ No, that pyramid, Khafre, is built in heigher core.

• wow, increatable. It’s really amazing, that people built it by hands.

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