Anglų dialogas apie gimtadienio dovaną

Anglu dialogai apie gimtadieni. Dialogai apie gimtadienius.

Anglų aprašymas. A Hi, Simona! B hello! A I miss you so much! How are you? B I’m fine. How about you? A I’m fine too. Listen, I want to talk with you. You know, that Kate’s birthday is on Friday, right? So we should buy something. B Maybe pet? A that’s a great idea. What do you think about a dog?

A: I don’t agree with you. I think, she wants a dog.

B: That’s not a bad idea. But dogs are aggressive. Rabbits are cute and friendly.

A: I don’t think, that dogs are aggressive, dogs are the best friends of people and most of them are really friendly.

B: But what about cold winter evenings? Do you think that Kate wants to go outside with her dog?

A: I don’t think that it’s a big problem. Her sister or parents also can take care of it. Yesterday I spoke with Kate’s mum, she really loves dogs.

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