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Knygos analizė anglų kalba
Twillight knygos analize anglų kalba. The book summary. Main characters. Vocabulary. Word. Meaning. Sentence. Questions. Išsami knygos ir jos personažų analizė.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 4 psl.
2012 11 04
LIDL analysis
Contents. Introduction. History. Headquarter. Partnerships. Management principles. Company principles. Corporate responsibility. Dealing with employees. Dealing with customers. Our values. Product range. Quality assurance. Swot. Conclusion. References.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 18 psl.
2015 11 23
Film review The Great Gatsby
Film review The Great Gatsby.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2015 03 29
Opinion essay analizė
Opinion essay. Introduction (2-3 sak, 1 sak nuomonėsMain body. Present your ideas (suggestions, solutions, etc. Linking words. Conclusion (2- 3 sak. , mano nuomonėTaisyklės.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 2 psl.
2014 11 22
Work safety
Introduction. Work safety. Safety at work. A work security index. Safety and Health at Work. Findings. Literature.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 12 psl.
2015 03 02
In your opinion,what is the greatest technological invention?
In your opinion,what is the greatest technological invention? Why? What do you think are the three most important or interesting inventions since. ? How about since. ?
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2013 02 24
Lithuanian traditions
Lithuanias traditions.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2013 05 07
Makroekonomikos analizė apie Lietuvą
Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Define gdp. Presentation and analysis of GDP figures in the last 5 years available. Relationship between GDP per capita and labor market. Nominal and real growth of GDP. Definition and measurement. In Lithuania. Potential gdp. Statistic. Public Accounts. References.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 11 psl.
2016 02 29
Musių valdovas analizė
The author. The setting. Didn’t you hear what the pilot said ? About the atom bomb ? All round him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat. The narrator. The point of view. The narration. The structure. He was shorter than the fair boy and very fat. The characters. The title. The message. Personal opinion.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 3 psl.
2015 05 28
Strategic marketing situation analysis
Informative part. Marketing plan goals. Macro-environment. Swot analysis. Distribution. JSC „Autotopus“ competitors analysis of marketing actions. Price and product strategy. Marketing strategy. Conclusion. Cources.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 16 psl.
2015 05 06
Analysis of the external situation of hotel
Research question. Methodology. PEST analysis. Political factors. Economical factors. Social factors. Technological factors. Problem statement. Enclosure. Bibliography.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 9 psl.
2013 10 20
Didysis Getsbis The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby. Film Analysis. Genre. Setting. Conflict. Characterization. Narrator and point of view. Imagery. Theme. Referanser.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 3 psl.
2014 05 20
Group work
Working with others group work.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2013 07 04
In what ways can films make our lives better?
In what ways can films make our lives better?
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2013 10 08
‚Wuthering Heights‘ by Emily Bronte
‚Wuthering Heights‘ by Emily Bronte.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 5 psl.
2016 03 20
And Books book fair
And Books book fair.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2016 03 02
Buying books
I wanna talk about when people buy a books in United Kingdom and in Lithuania. Books helps every time, when you dont know how to spend you free time, when you need more information about learnig thing and a lot of other things.In submitted chart are written a seven difrent reasons why people buy a books in United Kingdom. The most common ...
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2015 05 12
How to start a successful business
How to start a successful business.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2016 04 29
How to talk about a visual aid
Choosing the right visual aid. Presenting a graph. The four basic trends (tendances) are. Indicating upward movement. Indicating downward movement. Indicating no movement. Indicating a change of direction. Indicating the degree or the speed of change. Analysing an example.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 3 psl.
2013 10 13
International business
International Online Shopping Expected to Almost Triple in Next 5 Years. Summary. Findings. Analysis. Conclusion. Interview with ib manager.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 5 psl.
2015 03 10
The history of jeans
Therefore, more people in the countries of the South started wearing jeans.All that can I say about nowadays is that jeans are very popular and we just can not imagine how to live without them. every day a lot of people wear jeans because they are very comfortable and always look good. I believe that jeans will always be actual and will ...
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 3 psl.
2016 11 20
Walmart Company organization and management analysis
Team. Team characteristics. Market, economy and management. Changes occurring in the world and its impacts. Main roles of manager. Informational Category. Decisional Category. Current trends in management evolution of concepts. Globalization. Psychology. Business Ecosystems. Entrepreneurial characterization. Organization. Walmart ...
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 26 psl.
2016 02 29
Warehouse and storage
Content. Introduction. Warehouse and storage. The basic science of warehouse and storage scheme. Receiving procedure. The typical procedures of receiving activities. Warehouse functions. Warehouse operations. Warehouse management. Conclusions. Literature.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 12 psl.
2015 11 29
Fashion and style designer
Fashion and style designer
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2012 05 27
How teenagers in lithuania communicate with their friends and parents?
How teenagers in lithuania communicate with their friends and parents? Questions and charts. Do you use any communication devices? Which one do you use to communicate with your parents? Which one do you use to communicate with your friends? Which one is your favorite? How often do you use it? (your favourite). A brief report.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 6 psl.
2013 05 23
Rural Tourism in Lithuania
Rural Tourism in Lithuania.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 7 psl.
2016 05 15
Veiklos analizė anglų kalba
Trumpa uab "logistus" veiklos analizė. A warehouse for cargo storage. And a modern office for company’s management. Up’s and down’s. Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats. Other facts. Digging into the market. Anti-crisis policy. Organization structure. Foreign policy. Time to relax.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 19 psl.
2012 12 07
Adaptation of children in pre-school group
Adaptation of children in pre-school group.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2015 01 22
Agatha Cristė
was born in 1890. September 15. - 1976. January 12. Agata English writer, the author of many well-known detective.In 1906 . Agatha was sent to Paris , where she studied singing and piano playing . Though it fared well , but stage fright and innate shyness prevented her to pursue a career in this field. His modesty writers also failed to ...
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 1 psl.
2015 09 28
Analysis of a novel by Emily Brontë Wuthering Heights: The Atmosphere
Analysis of a novel by Emily Brontë “ Wuthering Heights ” The Atmosphere.
Anglų analizės, Analizė, 2 psl.
2017 05 21