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Anglų dialogas Dialogue looking for a summer job.
Anglų dialogas. Looking for a Summer Job.
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2014 03 31
My dream holiday
My dream holiday. Anglų kalbos namų darbas - rašinys apie svajonių atostogas.
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2012 11 07
Anglu kalbos monologas healthy food
I would like to speak about healthy food, what we need to eat more, what less and sparingly. In nowadays, a lots of people eats fast food, which is very cheap and unhealthy. A lots of people in the world eats junk food every day, without even thinking about their health and more and more people in the world gets fat for the same reason.
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2014 04 09
Anglų kalbėjimas Sports
Many young people don’t like to stay at home and watch tv all day. They love to do various activities and one of activities is sport. Sport is very important in pupil’s life. They love playing tennis, basketball, football, volleyball and other sports. For this reason there are sports schools that is a a great idea for pupils who love sport. ...
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2013 03 17
Anglų dialogas daktaras ir pacientas
Dialogas " daktaras ir pacientas"
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2012 03 24
Anglų rašinys apie rūkymą. Smoking
Smoking is one of the leading killers in the world. For years people have been smoking in public places, but now it’s banned. So, how do you think, it’s a good idea or not? To begin with, bars and café’s which let clients smoke inside have a better business, because came more people which are smoking. Moreover, smoking in a public places is ...
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2012 05 07
Girteka - transport logistic company
Introduction. History of the company. General info about the company. Structure of the organization. The number of staff. Kinds of services. Geography and partners. Profit of the company. Position among similar companies. Advantages and disadvantages of logistic services. Future perspectives. Opinion about the company. Literature.
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2016 01 17
My favourite movie
My favorite move anglų rašinys.
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2013 03 02
Automobile systems
Automobile systems. Considering a car as a complete system. Engine. Introduction to the engine. Operation of the four cycle engine. Drive train. Braking system. Other systems. Summary. References.
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2013 01 16
Anglų pratybų atsakymai 9 klasei
Anglų kalbos pratybų atsakymai 9 klasei. Visų knygos skyrių atsakymai kurie padės moksleiviams išspręsti pratybas ir sėkmingai išmokti anglų kalbą.
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2011 05 19
International day of friendship
International day of friendship.
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2013 10 02
Modern technology
Anglų kalbos rašinys apie modernias technologijas. Modern technology.
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2013 01 13
Anglų dialogas priėmimas į darbą
Anglų dialogas priėmimas į darbą.
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2014 05 15
Spending money
These days without the money we can’t imagine anything. Everything that we want involves money; we spend so much of it that we don’t even notice. Have we ever thought about how much money we spend, I don’t think so? By looking at the chart we see that American families spend the most money of housing, food, and transportation, ...
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2015 01 05
What people can do to protect the environment?
Today I will talk about what people can do to protect the environment. In my opinion, most people know what to do if they want to protect it, but a lot of them still don’t do anything for that. I think that the most important problem is rubbish. It is a very big problem which greatly pollutes our environment. All people can do something for ...
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2014 02 05
Monologue about shopping anglų monologas
Lot of girls are shopaholics, they want to buy new clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and other things. But I’m not a shopaholic. Of course, I go to shops, but it is very rarely. Usually I go shopping before new school year to buy new clothes and shoes. Sometimes I go when I need something new of my clothes, but it is not often. So in general I’m ...
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2013 10 10
Applying for a job
Applying for a job. Laiškas ir CV anglų kalba. Viskas ko reikia kreiptis dėl darbo.
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2012 11 27
Books and films
First of all, I'll talk about what kind of person I'm. Secondly, I'll tell about my favorite book or films genres. Next, I'd like to talk about the most important criteria in the debate about And finally, I'll talk about Lithuania literature and cinematography.To begin with, I think I'm a book person, because when I reading books I ...
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2015 02 16
Knygos summary
Pateikiamas Corky Bell'o knygos “Maximum boost” summary (santrauka) anglų kalba.
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2012 04 13
Anglų apie taršą Our pollution
Our pollution. Air pollution. Dangerous chemicals. Mankind can solve air pollution problems. Acid rains. Very harmful to the environment. Acid rain affects the life in the water. Deforestation. Drives climate change. Forest soils are moist. Without trees. Water pollution. Water pollution affects drinking water. Land and soil pollution. Engangeres ...
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2013 04 09
Healthy food vs. junk food
There are so many advantages and disadvantages in eating healthy food. Let’s confront it with junk food. A disadvantage of junk food is that it may be high in fats from partially hydrogenated oils, which are in fried foods and packaged snack foods. The advantage of fast food is that it is quick and convenient, since it is easily available at ...
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2013 10 06
Written Argument
Professional expertise and compassion of a veterinarian can make pet and pet owner feel happy.
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2014 04 30
Youth sport. Anglų įskaitos monologas
Youth sport. Anglų įskaitos monologas.
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2015 11 27
Memorable holiday
A memorable holiday is one that you can never forget. I think that as my age I have been many of the places include Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, England. All these places are great and have unforgettable memory. But is only one that I will never forget is trip to Turkey, because it was ...
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2015 12 03
Anglu topikas: Politics and government
Politics and Government.
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2014 05 12
Environmental Initiatives
Environmental Initiatives
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2015 12 29
Hobby pastraipa apie hobby
Hobby pastraipa apie hobby.
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2015 01 08
Knygų mugė International Book Fair
International Book Fair.
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2016 02 28
Recycling: for and against it
Recycling is the return of material to a previous stage of a cyclic process, especially conversion of waste to reusable material. You would say that recycling has only advantages, but this is not true. However there are more advantages then disadvantages in recycling.
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2010 03 03
Social media monologue
Some people “collect” friend in social networks. What about you? Is it possible to have 500 friends in real life?Nowadays social media plays a huge role in our lives: we are using it to keep in touch with our friends, find new interesting information or make ourselves feel connected. Posting our best moments, creative pictures or ...
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2016 11 18