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The British Museum
British Museum. The British Museum. The British Museum is a museum dedicated to human history, art, and culture, located in the Bloomsbury area of London. History of the British Museum. The British Museum was founded in. British interior of the museum. Building. The Greek Revival facade facing Great Russell Street is a ...
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2017 04 19
The burden of infectious diseases and ways to minimize it
An infectious disease is a disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms – such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Thought some infectious diseases are not contagious, others may be transmitted from person to person, from animal to person, by ingesting contaminated food or water or other exposures in the environment. According to a WHO – ...
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2011 05 08
The child as a learner
What about This text. When to start language learning. What stops children from learning. How children learn languages. Getting parents involved. How you can help your child to learn another language.  . Tips. Here are some language learning games you can play with your child. In conclusions. Questions. Vocabulary.  .
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2016 12 19
The cloning of humans should never be allowed
The cloning of humans should never be allowed.
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2016 03 12
The Concept of Law. Law & Morality & Justice. Classifications of Law
The Concept of Law. Law & Morality & Justice. Classifications of Law. Content. The Concept of. Rules made by government are called "Laws“. Law is defined as a binding or enforceable rule. Laws can be divided into public and private law. Public Law. Public law is concerned with matters that affect society as a whole. Deals with the relationships ...
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2015 03 25
The dangers of Putin Russia
The dangers of Putin Russia. Lithuania stands between. Nowadays the danger. Watching the happenings in crimea Lithuanian’s do not feel safe. Only 8% of. Also 78,2% of lithuanians do not agree with Putin's actions in Ukraine. For example R. Simply said Russia. Putin blamed the West counties for "Empty" promises and ignorance of Russia's ...
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2016 01 09
The dark sides of chocolate
The dark sides. of. Outline. Chocolate is. #1 Health. #2 Seven days without chocolate makes one weak. World Cocoa Producer. Bittersweet Taste of Chocolate. Your Chocolate Is Made by Slave Child. Children Slavery in Chocolate Industry. Resources.
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2015 01 06
The definite article the
The definite article the. We use the. With nouns which are unique. (The sun ,the moon). With the names. With the names of musical instruments (the guitar) and dances (the waltz). With the names of museums ( the National Museum). With historical periods/events ( the Iron Age. With adjectives used as nouns to refer to a group of people. With titles ...
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2015 03 02
The Earth's oceans
The earth’s ocean. Oceans of the World. Pacific Ocean. Animals. Ribbon Seal - Chocolate and Cream Colored Arctic Mammal. Atlantic Ocean. Animals. Indian Ocean. Animals. Stonefish. Chironex (Box Jellyfish). Animals.
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2016 04 28
The Economy of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1953
The Economy of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1953.
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2015 10 08
The Environment
Global warming. Greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide. The ozone layer. Ultraviolet radiation. Holes in the ozone layer. CFSs ( chlorofluorocarbons. „ ozone friendly “. DEFORESTATION Rainforests. Washed away. Become extinct. Waste gases. Major cause. Very poisonous. Unleaded petrol. Dissolve in water. Acid rain. Industrial waste. Chemical ...
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2016 01 03
The environment rašinys
The environment rašinys.
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2016 01 07
The environmental problems
The environmental problems. The atmosphere. Air pollution every day the average person inhales about. Can be found both outdoors and indoors  pollutants can be trapped inside buildings. Air pollution - effects. Many different chemicals. Global warming. Global warming is. The hydrosphere. Water pollution Attention for water pollution exploded ...
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2016 05 25
The EU European Union
The EU (European UnionThe European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe. Austria,               Belgium. Religion. % Christian 23% Irreligious 2% Muslim 3% other faiths. Leaders. President. Jean-Claude Juncker. Is a Luxembourgish politician Juncker was born ...
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2017 04 05
The European Investment Bank
The European Investment Bank. Prepared by Tomas Venclovas. 11/28/. History  Mission and Strategy Major projects. History of eib. Designed and built by Ingenhoven Architects. Strategy. To finance viable capital projects which further EU objectives. Lending strategy within europe. Cohesion and convergence. Mission. To make a difference to the ...
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2016 11 28
The European Union skaidrės
The European Union. European Union. The European Union. 500 million people – 27 countries. The EU symbols. Europe Day. The European Flag. The European Anthem. EU population in the world. Member States. Enlargements. Candidate Countries. EU-27 +. ??? The EU institutions. EU Institutions. Key Points.
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2016 11 28
The evolution of computer
The evolution of computer. Contents. The Evolution of. Questions. When was build the first commercial computer. The Evolution of the Computer. First Generation (1939-1954). Introduction. The Information age is also commonly known as the computer age or information era. List of relevant words. Bits - A bit (short for binary digit) is the ...
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2016 12 09
The experiments with animals
The experiments with animals.
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2015 09 18
The famous places in Lithuania
The famous places in Lithuania. The most famous places in Lithuania are in the capital city – Vilnius. The first thing is Gediminas Castle. At the castle tells a beautiful story. One of the largest church in Lithuania. One of the oldest university in east Europe. The most exciting building is Television Tower. From there you can see all the ...
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2014 11 16
The first day at school
The first day at school.
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2013 10 03
The first two years of the child
The first year of a child's life. The second year of life of the child. Baby development study. Baby teaching and learning. It is important to know. This is interesting! The baby's emotions and personality. Anxiety. Admiration. Joy. Fatigue. The baby's sense of shame and pride. The feeling of shame and pride. Parent-child communication problems. ...
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2015 05 19
The Flight
To start off, I am 21 years old and sick of my current job. So I decided to get a week-long vacation to Singapore. In what seemed like a few blinks I packed my things. Fast forward few hours and I’m standing in a line with my ticket to freedom.Then, after a few minutes which were painfully long, I finally got on the plane, took a seat, ...
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2016 10 02
The Flora of Lithuania
The Flora of Lithuania. Plants are very. Plants are used for food clothers decorations medicine. For food(SpicesParsley Dill Mint sorrell. For medicine. Mint tea. For clothes. Flax is a popular plant from which produces shirts. For decoration. Plants.
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2015 03 14
The Forests Around Us
The forests around us. Deforestation. Why does deforestation occur? Agriculture. Urbanization and Industries. Amount of Deforestation Has Increased Over Time. Forest fires. Fuel wood and Timber. What are the consequences? How can we stop deforestation ? We think. Thanks to for your attention! .
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2015 10 03
The formal thank you letter
The formal thank you letter. Thank you very much for coming to speak to our club members last tuesday afternoon. All the members thoroughly enjoyed your talk and your video of the annual your festival n your home town was extremely interesting. The members were particularly excited to find out so much in common in the ways young people spend their ...
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2010 03 03
The Functioning and Interdependence of the Three Branches of Government: The USA, the UK and Lithuania
The Functioning and Interdependence of the Three Branches of Government The USA , the UK and Lithuania.
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2015 03 18
The future prognostication
The Future Prognostication.
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2013 10 09
THE Global warming
THE Global warming. Global warming. Then what will happen? What the consequences of our fields? Cities will flood water. Lost state. It will be water wars. Uninhabited Earth. Hurricanes. Hunger. Fact.
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2016 05 12
The government of lithuania: problematic issue. suicide.
The government of lithuania: problematic issue. Suicide.
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2013 05 22
The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald. F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Jazz Age. The Great Gatsby era in America. Context. Setting. Summary. Synopsis Dichotomy of Domesticity. Synopsis The Great Gatsby. Synopsis. Summary Summer Heat. Summary Gatsby’s Last Illusion. Character Analysis Nick Carraway. Character Analysis Jay Gatsby. Character Analysis Daisy Buchannan. ...
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2017 04 17