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Programing languages
Programing languages. Content. Programming language Why people need a programing language. What is a Programming language? Why we need it? Operate the machine To. History of languages. Plankalkül Konrad Zuse. Short Code John William Mauchly. Uses of programing languages. Generations. First Generation. Types. Advantages. And. Disadvantages. ...
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2017 01 13
Programmer anglų skaidrės apie programuotoją
Computer programmer. A programmer (computer. A programmer not only specialty, but a way of life. People do mistake while talking to a programmer does not have many friends. The difference between this specialty from the other specialty?
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2015 01 28
Project Analysis
CONTENT:Content was briefly presented. It was only briefly mentioned, that they will be speaking about an unknown country from a business perspective. However, no exact theme and sub-themes were mentioned, that would allow to track presentation smoother.BODY LANGUEAGE:Movements were not distracting. With the help of body language they ...
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2015 12 06
Project Leonardo da Vinci
Project Leonardo da Vinci. Born on April. His father Sir Pietras da Vinci – a prosperous notary. His ideas and body of work—which includes "Virgin of the Rocks. Mona Lisa. Da Vinci's most. "It is the.
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2016 02 15
Project task of the foreign language (english)
Project task of the foreign language english. Come to the Banquet. Seeking Wisdom in a Genetically Engineered Earth.
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2015 12 23
Projektas apie Sahara (flora ir fauna)
Introduction to the desert (geography. A brief history of The Sahara. The Sahara’s nomads. Fauna. Flora. Ending the report. Bibliography.
Anglų projektai, Projektas, 8 psl.
2015 05 13
Projektinis darbas apie Vokietiją
Deutschland. Germany – an Overview. Allemagne. Alemania. Germania. ألمانيا. 德国. Германия. Version - January. เยอรมนี. Overview and Introduction. Flag Three horizontal stripes in black, red and gold. Geographical Location. Landscapes in Germany. Faces from Germany. Population. Total population 82,5 million ...
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2016 03 02
Promotional tools in marketing
Promotional tools in marketing. Content. Introduction Marketing communication ATL BTL Ambient Point of. Introduction. Am going to talk about promotional tools in marketing. Marketing communication. Companies market their products in a number of ways. Atl. Above The Line (ATL) refers to promotional activities done at macro level. Btl. Below The ...
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2016 11 20
Proposal for an educational game for primary students
Proposal for an educational game for primary students. Increasingly in the training process. Applicable game. The game helps to. Gaming is different. Games helps to know what. Games also develops. Mobile games. Traditional folk dances. Computer games. Mind games. Easiest way to search, find. Most are played by. Games can also be used.
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2013 02 23
Proposals for school
Proposals for Fabijoniskiu school. By Neila Graževičiūte. Short introduction. Go to. Lamps. Our school needs new lamps, because they are old and they often explode. Chairs. Student’s need more. New computers. In our libraly there’s only one computer.
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2017 01 09
Pros and Cons of a job with fixed work hours and a job of flexible nature
Pros and Cons of a job with fixed work hours and a job of flexible nature.
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2017 12 19
Pros and cons of being a volunteer
Nowadays many people want to be a volunteer. It‘s very intresting and meaningful job. Some people say that it‘s waisting of time, but other people say that it‘s very good. So what are advantages and disadvantages of being a volunteer? There‘re advantages of volunteering. You gain experience and skills. It can be useful in later life, ...
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2014 04 14
Protestantism in England
Introduction. 2p. Origin of the name. 2p. Characteristic protestant principles. 3p. Popular Protestantism. 4p. Protestantism in England. 5p. Wycliff. 6p. Henry viii. 6p. Edward VI. 7p. Mary. 8p. Conclusions. 8p. References. 10p.
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2017 02 01
Proteus digital health
Lietuvos verslo kolegija Proteus Digital Health. How it works. What impact will these technologies have on patients in the next five years?.
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2013 11 03
Psychedelic art
Psychedelic art. What is psychedelic art? Features. In 1960s counterculture. Victor Moscoso. Festivals. Best Psychedelic music Artists. Modern psychedelic visionary artists. How does drugs affect creativity? Thank you for your attention.
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2017 10 30
Public Relation in SPA Business
Public Relation in SPA Business. Introduction. Discussion. Advantage of PR. Disadvantage. PR in Crisis Management. SPA Business. Keys to Success.
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2017 02 17
Punctuation. Pamela Cook. Full stop –. After an introduction. Use of Commas. Separate clauses –. Punctuate the following Woman. Power of the Comma. Used to link. Semi-colon. Can be used. Substitute letters to shorten words doesn't. Apostrophes. Would of. Do not want to see. Useful Links.
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2015 11 17
Punishment is thought to be the best solution to stop teenage crime
At first , all teenagers need are interesting activities. It is known that all after school acitivities manage teachers or amateur. For instance ,“ geocaching “ seems to be a great activity.
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2017 04 08
Pyramids presentation. The Egyptian pyramids are ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located in Egypt.
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2017 02 20
Quantum teleportation
Quantum Teleportation. Words. History of traveling. But what‘s next? What‘s the basic idea of teleportation? History of quantum teleportation. How does quantum teleportation work? Can we teleport big objects? Applications and possibilities. References.
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2017 12 04
Question types
Question types. Special questions in present simple. Special questions in present continouos. Special questions in present perfect. Special questions in present perfect continouos. Special questions in past simple. Special questions in past continuous. Special questions in past perfect. Special questions in past perfect continuous. Special ...
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2015 10 05
Raccoon. Slides created Vidas Kazokaitis. Common raccoon. Spread. This animal the most widespread Canada, North America, Europe. Subspecies. Procyon lotor auspicatus, Procyon lotor elucus. Raccoons in Lithuania. Raccoon Found in Lithuania, entered in the national lists of invasive species. Feed. They feed on birds, fish, aquatic rodents. Thanks ...
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2016 04 12
Racial and religious intolerance
Racial and religious intolerance.
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2013 09 08
Racism. What is racism? The history of racism. Some examples of racism in history. Hitler and the Nazis Adolf Hitler was responsible for the deaths of thirty million people. Types of racism. Individual racism Institutional racism Environmental racism. Solutions to stop racism. Spread awareness Make changes in your community. Social ...
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2017 03 07
Radio play essay
I have to admit, in that time I could understand how people would think that this whole Martian invasion was really happening. Especially because of the theme itself. Now when we hear the word alien or some kind of other space intelligence we just write it off as some kind of hoax and don’t take it seriously but in that time people wasn’t ...
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2016 01 19
Radio programme
: this is radio ‘‘my voice‘‘ , and today's theme is the cources of information and need of information. We have a visitor whose name is paulius. Hi paulius, how are you today? P: hallo my dear. I‘m fine. E: just great! So tell me please, how do you like to keep yourself informed? P: it’s simply, i just take my phone and ask someone to ...
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2011 05 15
Radio skaidrės anglų kalba apie radiją
Radio. What are Radios? A Radio is. Who created the radio? People who were involved in the creation of the radio. Nikola Tesla Gugliegmo Marconi James Clerk Maxwell. Once radio broadcasting. The evolution of radio. Radios Everyday. Radios are a. The first. Https//en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/History_of_radio https//en. Thank you for watching.
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2015 09 29
Radioactive waste
Radioactive waste. It is waste that contain radioactive material. What is radioactive waste? Low Level Radioactive Waste Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste High Level Radioactive Waste. Classifications of radioactive waste. It is compacted. Low level waste storage. It can be. Intermediate level waste storage. High level waste. High level waste ...
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2014 10 04
Rail crash
Introduction. Žasliai rail disaster. Crash situation. The public reaction. Remembrance. Moorgate tube crash. Collision. Rescue. Report about disaster. Ufa train wreck. Causes. Borki train disaster. The accident. Investigation. Conclusion. References.
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2016 12 05
About rainforest. Rainforests are the earth's oldest living ecosystems. they are so amazing and beautiful. As many as. Million species. Of plants and animals live in. Tropical rainforests. Rainforests are the source of many items that we all use in our own homes! Literature.
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2013 03 07