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Siberian tiger
Siberian tiger. By Narek Tunian. The Siberian tiger, also known as the Amur tiger. Distribution of the Siberian tiger (in red). The Siberian tiger once ranged throughout all of Korea. The Siberian tiger. The fur of the Siberian tiger is moderately thick. Thanks for watching!
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2017 01 15
Sicily. Palermo. The Bone-Chilling Catacombs of the Capuchin Monks. For more information. Thank you for attention.
Anglų projektai, Projektas, 10 psl.
2014 03 18
Sights. The most popular musician? A. Laimutis Purvinis. b. Rytis Cicinas c. Džordana Butkutė d. Inga Valinskienė. The best Spanish footballer? A. Fernando Llorente b. Juanas Mata c. Alvaro Arbeloa d. Ikeras Casillasas. Which is the american celebrity? A. R. Atkinsonas b. Robert Pattinson c. Susan Baco d. Kim Kardashian. The most famous ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 12 psl.
2014 07 06
Šilute anglų skaidrės
Silute. Police. Museum. Firehouse. Stadium. Shop ,,Norfa’’. Silutes Culture and Entertainment. Post office. Silutes Pamarys Basic School. Project prepared. Gabija Vaitkutė,. Toma Gedrimaitė,. Aiste Dargevičiutė,. Ernestas Araminas.
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2014 05 11
Šilutė region, where water creates life...
Šilutė region, where water creates life. Country of šilutė. Šilutė district is an attractive location for rural and water tourism development. Šilutės bridge at night. Šilutė museum. Šilutė post office. School of tourism. Hugo šojaus mansion. Holy cross church. Evangelical lutheran church. Vydūnas gymnasium. Frederick bajoraitis ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 15 psl.
2013 05 06
Simon Daukantas anglų rašinys
Simon Daukantas-famous nineteenth-century Lithuanian national cultural ideology, the first professional Lithuanian historian, who wrote the first history of Lithuania Lithuanian works. It is also reported as an ambitious educator, folklorist, linguist.Daukantas born 1793m. Hills, Kretinga county forester's family estate. He studied at ...
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2014 01 07
Simonas Daukantas aprašymas anglų kalba
Simon Daukantas. Works.
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2013 11 18
Seven “butterfly” sins.
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2014 04 08
Širdies smūgis (heart attack)
Heart attack. Presentation plan. Vocabulary. What is heart attack? Warning signs of a heart attack. Silent heart attack. Causes of a heart attack. First aid. Do not! Prevention. Conclusion. Questions.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 13 psl.
2015 05 20
Šiuolaikinės mados Fashion trends
Fashion trends. By Egle Pacauskaite and Gabija Miseviciute 9e. Topics. What is fashion? Fashion. Fashion is a. Fashion events and TV shows. There is Fashion TV channel which translate all fashion events and TV shows. Boys and girls fashion trends on nowadays. Conclusion. Fashion started many. Thank you for your attention.
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2015 04 02
Šiuolaikiniai mokymosi metodai
Šiuolaikiniai mokymosi metodai.
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2016 11 03
Skaidrės apie braškes anglų kalba
Nutritional Value. Strawberry History. How Strawberries Got Their Name. Interesting Strawberry Facts. Medicinal Uses. Folklore and Fascinating Facts. Uses. Allergy.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 10 psl.
2013 12 18
Skaidrės apie Dzūkiją
Dzūkija. Dzūkija is situated southeastern lithuania and consists of alytus county and southern vilnius county. Dzūkija is a inland region. The capital of dzukija is alytus.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 6 psl.
2013 05 08
Skaidrės apie krepšininką anglų kalba
Jonas Valančiūnas. Facts. Career awards and medals. Skaidrės apie krepšininką Jonas Valančiūnas.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 5 psl.
2014 04 01
Skaidrės apie Lenkiją Poland
Poland. Location. Poland is located at the heart of the European continent. Fast facts. official name republic of poland. Polish flag. Polish herb. Interesting fact. PEOPLE AND CULTURE. Religion is a very important part of Polish life. Capital city of Poland - Warsaw. Typical Polish Food. Most visited places. Krakow. Malbork. Lublin. Bialowieza ...
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2014 12 08
Skaidrės apie ligą Askaridozė
Askaridozė. Symptoms. Slight fever Cough Bronchitis Skin rash. The disease discovered. Carl von Linné. Disease treatment. Use of special medicines. Protection from Askaridozė. Wash hands Eat only. Askaridoze example.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 6 psl.
2016 01 31
Skaidrės apie ligas (angliškai)
Diseases. Hay fever. Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis. Appendicitis. Appendicitis it is the most common cause of acute abdominal pain requiring surgery. Cancer. Cancer is a. Chickenpox. Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease. Hepatitis. Hepatitis is a medical condition defined by the inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis A is. ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 22 psl.
2014 11 19
Skaidrės apie London places
Prepared by an 11th grade student Edvinas Valčiukas. Top 10 London atrractions. The world-famous British Museum exhibits. British museum. The crowning glory. National Gallery. As well as the permanent (and permanently fascinating. Natural History Museum. Sitting grandly on the banks of the Thames is Tate Modern. Tate Modern. The London Eye is ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 12 psl.
2015 05 12
Skaidrės apie modelį Elle mcpherson
Elle Macpherson. Elle Macpherson’s past. Rise to fame as a model. Rise to fame. Acting career. Awards of Elle Macpherson. Personal life. Interesting facts.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 13 psl.
2013 12 19
Skaidrės apie Sindbadą
Skaidrės apie Sindbadą anglų kalba. The seven voyages of sindbad the sailor. Fictional sailor and the hero of a story-cycle of Middle Eastern origin. The First Voyage. After dissipating the wealth left to him by his father. The Second Voyage. About book.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 6 psl.
2014 04 20
Skaidrės apie sportininką anglų kalba
Introduction. Joe‘s Arlauckas biography. Joseph‘s college/NBA career. Joe‘s career history. His career highlights and awards. Brandon Richard Flowers biography. Brandon Flowers family. Career. Awards and accolades. In 2013, Flowers was featured in an article for the men's magazine Man of the World. This is Brandon and his family. Finally, ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 17 psl.
2013 12 03
Skaidrės Buckingham Palace (Angliškai)
Buckingham Palace. The Royal places have been guarded by the hold troops since. The Palace has. State Room. The Gold State. Throne in Queen's Robing Room, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, England. Buckingham Gardens. The Royal Family. The Queen Elizabeth.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 10 psl.
2017 01 24
Skateboarding. Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Here are five interesting and unusual skateboarding facts. Of all active skateboarders in the United States of America. Speaking. You could never tell by the naked eye. Skateboarding is. Between 1978 and 1989, skateboards were banned in ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 9 psl.
2015 03 26
Skateboarding skaidrės
Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Places where you can go skateboarding. Main types of skateboards. The most famous, richest and the best skateboarder – Tony Hawk. Project is made by Joris from 7c.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 8 psl.
2015 04 09
Skaters anglų skaidrės apie skeiterius
Skaters Clothes. Skaters music style. Skaters practice. Skaters. Skaters practice and learn a lot of amaizings tricks. They involved in skaters tournaments, and fight for the best skater title.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 5 psl.
2013 10 22
Skausmo valdymas Pain management
Pain management. Objectives. Talk about pain Review pain managements methods and pain control. What is pain? Pain is an unpleasant feeling, physical or mental suffering. Types of pain.  . Acute pain - this can be intense and short-lived. Pain characteristics. Location Duration Frequency Intencity Quality of the pain. Pain scale. Knowing about ...
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2014 11 12
Skirtumas tarp Lietuvos ir Jungtinės Karalystės
The Difference. Food in Daily Life. Basic Economy. Lithuania and UK difference.
Anglų aprašymai, Aprašymas, 2 psl.
2016 02 18
Škotija anglų skaidrės
Places where I been. Content. About Puntukas stone. My impressions. About Palanga sea. About Palanga bridge. My impressions.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 12 psl.
2014 02 18
Introduction. Methodology. Literature review. Results. Conclusion. References.
Anglų referatai, Referatas, 16 psl.
2014 05 08
Team sport Slamball. Tautvydas Armonas IVc Garliava Jonučiai Gymnasium 2014. Form of basketball. Founded in 2002. Most popular in United States, China. Rules and relegations. Equipment and gear. Skills needed to play Slamball. Slamball – Top Plays. Thank you for your attention!
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 7 psl.
2014 12 15