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Green week at school. “cut your spending” online competition. World development international conference. Preparation for the speaking credit. School guides' competition. Peer helper club. Cooking club. Lithuania 1009–2009’ Commemoration at School.
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2013 05 28
Anglu kalbos laikai konspektas
Tenses. Indefinite. Present indefinite. Vartojamas. Reikšti įprastiems, pasikartojantiems ar nuolat vykstantiems veiksmams dabartyje. Reikšti bendriems teiginiams, nesiejant jų su laiku. Reikšti veiksmams arba savybėms, būdingiems veiksniui nuolat arba dabartiniu laikotarpiu. Reikšti veiksmams (arba būsenoms), vykstantiems kalbos momentu, ...
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2013 01 29
Essay everyday life eating habits
Everyday life. Eating habits.
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2012 12 15
Formalus laiškas anglų kalba
Oficialus laiskas. Klausiama informacijos apie kurorta.
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2012 05 16
Laiškas dėl darbo anglų kalba
Kreipimasis dėl darbo
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2013 05 14
It is important for everybody to protect nature
It is important for everybody to protect nature.
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2013 12 01
Anglų pratybos Prime time 3 mokytojo kontroliniai darbai
A. Match the words to form collocations. B. Look at the questionnaire and fill in the gaps, using the words below. C. Fill in apply, put out, look after, supervise, obey, operate. D. Read the adverts and fill in the following qualities brave, organised,. Creative, caring, polite, fit, patient. . Hobbies. E. Fill in meteors, sightings, spot, ...
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2013 09 12
Anglų skaidrės lankytinos vietos Lietuvoje
Places to visit in Lithuania. European centre museum. Grutas park. Grutas forest. Moon stone sculpture park. Vyžuonos church. Beekeeping museum is the only such museum in lithuania. Pašilės stumbrynas panevezys district. Merkinė mound.
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2013 01 12
Friends or family, which is more important? (2)
Friends or family, which is more important?
Anglų esė, Esė, 1 psl.
2013 05 28
It is important for everybody to protect nature? Opinion essay
It is important for everybody to protect nature.
Anglų esė, Esė
2014 06 12
Some people think that competing is the best way to succeed in different spheres of life
Some people think that competing is the best way to succeed in different spheres of life.
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2015 11 23
Anglų kalbos įskaitos kalbėjimo pavyzdys
It was a survey arranged to the topic “Healthy living. Harmful habits” in the year I want to discuss about consequences of developing harmful habits in the Europe. According to the statistics, the majority (37%) regular use tabacco products. The minority of respondents regular use drugs. They consisted 14 percent of the respondents. Another ...
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2013 10 23
Mano svajonių namas My dream house
My dream house. My dream house should be not only beautiful appearance. So my dream house is located about few kilometers from the big city in a very picturesque. My inside the house should be a lot of blue color because it is my favorite color. In his house one room apartment in sports.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 6 psl.
2013 05 19
My school Anglų rašinys apie mokyklą
So, we go to school from Monday to Friday. At our school lessons start after eight of ten. And it takes, I think like everywhere, forty-five minutes. Alove primary school has a library, where you can spend your break time. You can read magazines, newspapers or play to computer. Also the school has a TV. In TV it is shown important information, and ...
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2013 09 21
Transport logistics
Introduction. International Logistics and Freight Forwarding in different vehicles. International Logistics essence. Freight transportation characteristics and defects. Sea Transport. Rail transport. Road Transport. Air transport. River transport. Formalized mode selection method. Freight transport on international routes necessary documents. The ...
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2014 04 23
Lithuania anglų rašinys apie Lietuvą
Lithuania is a very nice country in the middle of Europe. Klaipėda is near The Baltic Sea. This country is full of little and big towns, some castles and mounds. Vilnius, the capital, is well-known city which has beautiful landscapes, some universities, galleries, presidential and modern buildings. Lithuanian is the official language here, but in ...
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2013 10 07
Introduction. To present many interesting facts about how important colors are for human in life. To describe colors of every astrological sign. To explain what people eye color means. To find out which flowers color are the most suitable to present in a certain situation. Consulusions. Reference.
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2012 12 16
Environmental pollution anglų monologas aplinkos tarša
Anglų kalbos monologasTema: Aplinkos tarša.Vandens, oro, garso tarša
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 psl.
2013 02 14
Healthy lifestyle
Food is very important to live. It matters whether you eat healthy food or not. I agree that healthy life style is so important to live a great life because health is very important to do any thing. If a person who is not healthy then he or she cannot do good things. For good feelings and thinking, healthy life is very important. I agree because ...
Anglų esė, Esė, 5 psl.
2010 11 04
Holidays and tourism
Monologas tema "Holidays and Tourism"
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 psl.
2013 04 20
How to combine working and studying
How to combine working and studying.
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2012 12 02
Anglų kalbėjimas transport and travelling
Anglu kalbejimas apie keliones ir transporta. kaip suderinti keliones su transportu.
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 psl.
2013 02 14
Are school uniforms necessary
Rašinys anglų kalba apie tai ar būtina devėti mokykloje uniformas. Are school uniforms necessary.
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2012 03 03
Education in Lithuania

Education in ...

Nowadays good education is very important if you want to achieve your goals, to have a good job and be successful in the modern competitive society. I would like to talk about education ...

Kalbėjimo potemės 2017, 1 psl.
2012 09 12
Progress test atsakymai answer solition upper intermediate
Visi atsakymai progress test.
Anglų šperos, Špera, 3 psl.
2013 03 11
Anglų kalbos laikai
Išsamiai paaiškinti anglų kalbos laikai. Sudarymas. Naudojimas. Pavyzdžiai.
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2010 11 01
Motyvacinis laiškas stojant į UK universitetą
Firstly, law attracts me because it distinguishes what is right and what is wrong. It is different from other courses because it is broad range studies. It includes international law, so all principles between different countries also united kingdom laws as i am interested in both domestic and international law. I want to study exactly law because ...
Anglų pavyzdžiai, Pavyzdys, 1 psl.
2012 04 02
The most memorable camping experience you have ever had
I was so delighted getting a letter from you, it was really nice of you. It seems like you had a great hiking trip and you really enjoy it. Last month I had a great camping experience with a group of people. The place where we had are camping was lovely the view was amazing, it was near a lake and forest, if you had seen it, i know you would of ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 psl.
2014 03 25
Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo temos
Lithuania. Holidays in lithuania. London. Vilnius. The cities of great britain. My famous writer (charles dickens). The seasons of the year. Theatre. Great britain. Cinema. At the doctors. Famous people of great britain and america. Travelling. Letter writing. My plans to the future. Famous people of lithuania. My school. My flat. My day-off. My ...
Anglų konspektai, Konspektas, 15 psl.
2011 03 17
How could Teenage Crime be Prevented
Teenagers are humanity’s future. First of all, it would be a good idea that the punishment for teenagers would be fully proportioned to the offence. Secondly, steps should be taken in order to punish teenagers in harsh punishments. There are many ways to prevent crimes committed by teenagers.
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 psl.
2010 03 03