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Anglų pristatymas apie Maxima
Pristatymas apie maxima veikla anglu kalba. Annual turnover. Company. Employees. MAXIMA LT is the largest and the most successful retail chain in Lithuania. 216 stores in Lithuania. Over 500 000 buyers attend MAXIMA stores in Lithuania every day.
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2011 10 24
Anglų rašinys apie rūkymą. Smoking
Smoking is one of the leading killers in the world. For years people have been smoking in public places, but now it’s banned. So, how do you think, it’s a good idea or not? To begin with, bars and café’s which let clients smoke inside have a better business, because came more people which are smoking. Moreover, smoking in a public places is ...
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2012 05 07
Are school uniforms really necessary
Are school uniforms really necessary? One thing to do that is school uniforms. Moreover, school uniforms are official clothes. On the other hand, school uniforms are uncomfortable. To begin with, uniforms are like school’s logos and people can see in which school pupils study. For instance, when it is a big event and several schools participate ...
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2010 03 03
Automatinė pavarų dėžė Automatic gearbox
Introduction. Automatic gearbox weaknesses. Automatic (planetary) gearboxes. Gear lever control. A one-way coupling. Automatic gearbox multiple discs. Power flow. The oil pump. Conclusion.
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2015 01 08
Competing is the best way to succeed
Competing is the best way to succeed.
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2015 04 12
Health and body care
Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. As for me I take care of my health. Sport is very important in our life. I have the strict day’s routine. If a person doesn’t keep to these rules he can easily catch an illness. Language. Every one should know his native language very well. I can speak and write English and Russian - two ...
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2010 03 03
In our society, we do not attach enough value to the wisdom and experience of the old
In our society, we do not attach enough value to the wisdom and experience of the old
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2014 04 29
International day of democracy
International Day of Democracy.
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2013 12 05
It is important for everybody to save nature
It is important for everybody to protect nature. Human is a part of nature. Sometimes we need to hang out in the forest or just sit by the lake. Our body and our mind need this. Someone said that people started feeling lonely when they got separated from the nature. So what a big thing the nature is, it takes a huge part of our lives. But not ...
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2013 11 08
Motyvacinis laiškas stojant į užsienio universitetą
Motyvacinis laiškas stojant į užsienio universitetą.
Anglų laiškai, Laiškas, 1 psl.
2014 11 14
Skaidrės apie filmą anglų kalba
Skaidrės apie mėgstamą filmą Nebrendylos. Grown Ups. About author. Description of. Main Stars. Adam Sandler. Salma Hayek. Kevin James. Recomandation. Used information.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 10 psl.
2014 03 23
Taking exams has both positive and negative effects on students.
Taking exams has both positive and negative effects on students.
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2012 09 30
25 english topics
25 topics. Personal identification. Services. House and home. Flora. Fauna. Television. Museums of Kaunas. Travelling. Traffic. NATO. Social affairs. Education in GB and Lithuania. The School. "Saule" gymnasium. Food & drink. Smoking. Weather forecasts. Seasons of the year. Foreign languages. Charity. Shopping. Littering. Crimes. Lithuania. ...
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2010 03 03
Anglų skaidrės apie Angliją
All about Great Britain. Welcome to Great Britain. What did the Great Britain give us?.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 11 psl.
2014 03 04
Apie šeimą anglų kalba
My family consists of four people. I have father, mother and brother.
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2014 03 07
Fashion anglų projektas apie madą
What is fashion? How people preparing to stylish? Why people wear clothes? Where fashion began? France. Fashion festivals. Summer fashion. Winter fashion. Autumn fashion. Spring fashion. Old fashion.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 31 psl.
2012 11 16
Italija anglų skaidrės
Italian republic. Southern europe. Italian herb. Italian flag. Italian money. Metropolitan. Rome. Italian capital. Tiber river. Population. Language. In addition to italian language. Religion. Distribution by religion. Cultur. Celebrations. Traditional food. Snacks. Main dishes. Soups. Desserts. Drinks. Famous people. Facts about italy.
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2013 02 19
Laikų lentelė
Present simple. Present continous. Past simple. Past continous. Veiksmažodžio. Forma. Veiksmažodžio be forma ir veiksmažodis su galūne -ing. Veiksmažodžio. Forma arba veiksmažodis su –ed galūne. Was/were ir veiksmažodis su galūne -ing.
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2012 11 21
My favourite movie
My favorite move anglų rašinys.
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2013 03 02
Pasakojimas apie save
Okay. I got task tell us about yourself. I‘m Eglė, i‘m 17 years old, studying in the 11th grade. I live with my parents, my little brother and sister.So I love to embroider, watch TV, meet to friends, and sit at the computer like all normal teenagers. Although not attend any school clubs, activities enough for me. Not matter ...
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2013 01 08
Positive and negative aspects of traveling by bicycle
Positive and negative aspects of traveling by bicycle.
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2014 11 30
Anglų dialogas
Anglų dialogo pavyzdys moksleiviams.
Anglų pavyzdžiai, Pavyzdys, 1 psl.
2012 10 25
Anglų Įžymūs žmonės skaidrės. Famous people
Skaidrės apie įžymų žmogų Alfred joseph hitchcock. The aims of presentation. Alfred joseph hitchcock. Family. Film industry. Biography. Afi life achievement award (afi-american film institute). Movies style. The main features. Famous movies. Health. Alfred hitchcock autograph. Why i chose this person. Sources. Heavier words.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 17 psl.
2012 10 02
Informal letter to friend about music festival
How are you? Is everything ok? I didn't know your address or phone number, so I couldn’t find you earlier. Now that I’ve got your address, I can write a letter to you. I'm doing well here. It’s snowing, and it's also very cold and all I’m thinking about is that wonderful, hot and exciting summer when I was at the WOMAD music festival. I ...
Anglų laiškai, Laiškas, 1 psl.
2013 11 18
Personal and profesional development
Introduction. The competencies required by me as a manager. My swot analysis against these competencies. Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Treats. Device a personal development plan to ensure your own effectiveness in managerial role. Conclusion. References. Bibliography.
Anglų referatai, Referatas, 7 psl.
2013 01 27
To be human is to discuss
Public speaking. To Be Human Is To Discuss. Solve Problems and Make Decisions More Effectively in Discussions With Other People.
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2014 01 29
Advantages and disadvantages of camping holidays
Advantages and disadvantages of camping holidays.
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2013 05 22
Anglų enterprise pratybų atsakymai
Tai anglų kalbos enterprise. Pratybų atsakymai. Tiks visiems moksleiviams besimokantiems anglų kalbą iš anglų enterprise.
Anglų šperos, Špera, 19 psl.
2011 01 08
Anglų rašinys apie sveiką gyvenseną Healthy life style
Healthy life style. Anglų rašinys apie sveiką gyvenseną.
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 psl.
2015 02 07
Anglų skaidrės apie Vilnių
Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius. Most popular places in Vilnius. Vilnius cathedral. Gediminas Castle. Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Vilnius cultural life. The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Forum Cinema. Nacional museum. Vilnius food establishments.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 12 psl.
2014 05 02