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Anglų skaidrės. PRESENT SIMPLE It often rains this time of the year. Present continuous am/is/are + ving it is raining now. Present continuous it is. Present perfect have/has + ved it has just rained. Present perfect it has. Present perfect continuous have/has + been+ving it has been raining for two hours. Present perfect continuous it has been raining for two hours. Pabrėžti veiksmo tęstinumui. Su veiksmažodžiais LIVE. Rodikliai for.

PRESENT CONTINUOUS Am/is/are + Ving It is raining now. It isn’t raining now. Is it raining now?

PRESENT CONTINUOUS It is raining now. Būvio veiksmažodžiai, kurie paprastai neturi tęstinio laiko: like, love, hate, dislike, prefer, etc. (cathy likes romantic films) Believe, know, notice, remember, forget, recognize, understand, realise, seem, think,etc. (I don’t believe a word he’s saying). See, hear, feel, taste, look, smell, sond. (The soup tastes delicious). Be, contain, fit, include, matter, need, belong, cost, mean, want, have (=possess) (This book belongs to me).

PRESENT CONTINUOUS It is raining now. Rodikliai: Now, at the moment, these days, at present, tonight, nowadays, still, look, listen. Listen, somebody is playing the piano. More and more forests are disapearing nowadays.

PRESENT PERFECT Have/has + Ved It has just rained. You can see the drops of rain on the glass. It hasn’t rained yet. Has it rained already?

PRESENT PERFECT It has just rained. You can see the drops of rain on the glass. Veiksmui, vykusiam praeityje, nenustatytu laiku. Svarbu ne k a d a, o k a s vyko: The Browns have bought a new sailing boat. Veiksmui, kuris prasidėjo praeityje ir dar nesibaigė: Rachel has had a dog for three years.

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