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King's cage lietuviskai. King in a cage john j. graves summary. King in a cage santrauka. King in a cage novel impala john j graves. Book king of a cage. King in a cage knygos aprašymas. King in a cage john j. graves.

Anglų aprašymas. I had read a book by John J.Graves ,,King in a cage".The book tells the story about the adventures in Africa.The young prince Impala is very interested in his country because his father is the current lord of Africa.But his health is bad and he dies.Impala understands this and he is ready to be the new commander of Africa. When his father died, he became the new commander of Africa.After his father's death he had dreamed his father, who told him to be ready, because something has to happen.About this dream, he told to the psychic who told him someone encroaches to attack his lands.

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