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Laiskas draugui apie atostogas. Anglu laiskas draugui apie atostogas. Angliskas laiskas draugui apie atostogas. Laiskas draugui angliskai apie atostogas. Laiskas draugui anglu kalba apie atostogas. Laiskas draugui apie atostogas angliskai. Laiskas draugui apie atostogas anglu kalba. Laiskas apie atostogas angliskai. Anglu kalbos laiskas draugui apie atostogas. Angliskas laiskas apie atostogas.

Aplinkos laiškas. Hi! How are you? How was your autumn holidays? I’m writing to you to tell how I spend my autumn holidays this year.
To be honest with you, I was so bored. My friends didin’t want to go out, becauso of the weather . As you know, I play with drums, so all my holiday time I was drumming and rehearse with my band.

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  • Laura
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