Anglų monologas apie šeimą

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Anglų kalbėjimo potemės 2018. Nowadays one of the most important things in our society is money. =. And money is earned by doing some kind of work. Today i am going to speak about different kind of jobs i like. There are few jobs that i find attractive and interesting. First one is being a driver. I would like to be a driver because i like cars, driving, also it gives you opportunity to visitlot of countries and see the world. Second one i would like to mentiont is being it(information technologies) consultant, because i enjoy working with computers, also you don't need to do a lot of physical workand be tired all the time. Last option i would like to talk about is being economist. Economists earn a lot of money for working with numbers, and i am pretty good with math, so that would be a good job for me i think.

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