Anglų monologas person who did influence on me

Anglų rašinys. Influence is when one's emotions, opinions, or behaviors are affected by other. This, basically means, that you’re starting to truly believe and agree with all the things other person says, you’re even starting to act just like that person. But sometimes it’s not only in a bad way, because that influence can even inspire you. And it’s not a secret, that most of us have someone on their mind, who influences them. And mostly, who I wouldn’t ask, those people are our parents, friends, celebrities, writers, film directors or even some specific characters from books or films. As many others I have a person who inspires me too. It’s youtuber Klaire de Lys. She’s a makeup and art guru on famous site youtube. Com. Youtube has a lot of different spaces for video makers, called youtubers, starting from music, comedy, movies and ending with a tutorials, beauty tutorials, make-up tutorials. By myself I’ve found out about Klaire from that “beauty” section.

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  • Anglų monologas person who did influence on me
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