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Anglų rašinys. I am edgar grigorjev. Edgar is my first name and grigorjev is my surname. I am sixteen years old. I was born in siauliai, on the twenty-first of june,. I live in siauliai with my mother, grandmother and sister. My address is easy to remember. It’s. , vilnius street, siauliai. Now i study at the ,,santarves’’ midle school, in the. Th class. I like my school very much. I get on well with all my schoolfriends and teachers. Of course, it’s hard to study in the. Class, and i have very little free time. But if i do have some time, i watch basketball matches on tv, play computer games or listen to music. These are my hobbies. But, as i said, i don’t have enough time for them. Now i have to study hard in order to pass my exams and to enter the university. In the future i want to be an economist. I think, now it is a very perspective profession.

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