Anglų rašinys apie sveiką gyvenseną Healthy life style

Anglu rasinys apie sveikata. Anglu laiskas apie sveika gyvensena. Rasinys about healthy life. Laiskas apie sveika gyvensena anglu. Sveika gyvensena ese.

Anglų rašinys. Healthy life style. Anglų rašinys apie sveiką gyvenseną.

Nowadays people are more concerned about their life quality, so they start to live healthier. Healthy life style is when a person eats healthy food and has normal weight, does exercises, sleeps well, doesn’t smoke. Today I‘m going to speak about that.

Firstly, I’d like to speak about my I think that it is hard to lead. Sometimes instead of eating salad you just want to eat a pie or a cupcake. Or maybe instead of exercise you choose a day of lying in bed. As for me it is difficult to lead it, sometimes I just don’t have enough will for doing some exercises or eating healthy food. I like to eat tasty food, I prefer sweets. Either I don’t like doing exercises, although I’m quite fit. But some people live healthy and I admire them.

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