Arabų veislės arkliai

Biologijos aprašymas. Arabų veislės arkliai. Arabian breed horses. Arabų veislės arklių charakteristika. Arabian brees horses charakteristics. Veislės rodikliai. Apibūdinimas.

It was formed in IV - VII century AD Arabian peninsulas veld and deserts. Breeding occured influenced the Middle and Asia Minor, Mediterranean Sea, the coasts of Africa bred horses.

The head is small, with a concave profile. On the head often visible white marks. Broad chest, its volume - 178-179 cm neck is like swans, medium, high rise tail. Graceful legs (may include a variety of weakness), their white bun is also significant. Gogh isdeveloped an average height at the withers - 151-153 cm, back short, straight, strong, short loin, croup is long, round, strong limbs with well developed joints and tendons, hooves are small, strong and regular in shape, hand size - 18 7 to 19.3 cm. Arab horses characterized by color: palomino, screen, Bera black.

These horses are bred for riding. In particular, they are a hardy race. Arab breed of riding horse is used to improved othe breeds: Thoroughbred Orlov Trotter and others.

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