Are school uniforms necessary

Is a school uniform necessary. Anglu rasinys apie uniformas. Anglu rasinys apie mokykla. Rašinys apie mokyklą angliskai. Angliskas laiskas apie mokykla. Rasinys apie uniformas. Is a school uniform necessary?. Is school uniform necessary. Rasinys apie mokyklos uniformas. Anglu kalbejimas mokykloje.

Anglų rašinys. Rašinys anglų kalba apie tai ar būtina devėti mokykloje uniformas. Are school uniforms necessary.

Nowadays students are required to wear uniforms in almost all schools in lithuania. Some children like it, others do not, but i think it is good way to leave a wonderful impression for school guests. Although students can nor show their difference from others.

First of all, uniforms are useful in a lot of ways of school life. In my opinion, student is an individual person, so his psychology can be strongly affected by another students bullying the poor ones of their dirty clothes. It is argued that students from poorer families feel bad and uncertain at school.

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  • Are school uniforms necessary
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