Anglų skaidrės. Astronomy. What is Astronomy? Astronomy - is. Earth. Earth - the. Facts about Earth. Only 3% water. The Earth’s layers, showing the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core. Facts It has over. Milky Way Galaxy. Intresting facts about astronomy. -Saturn would float if you would put it in water. The closest black hole to Earth is only. Sun system. Thank you for attention!

Astronomy - is the science of the stars, space, galaxies, planets, asteroids, comets, etc. Investigates extraterrestrial objects in the sky, structure, origin, development, position in the sky, movement. Pythagoras found that the Earth is a sphere, and it orbits around the Sun, Moon, stars and planets.

Earth - the planet of the solar system, according to the distance it is the third from the Sun and the fifth mass.

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