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What main problems were discussed in the article? What can be. What is democracy? What is freedom? What is wealth? What is meant by Forbes? What is remuneration? What are the roots of corruption? Why should/should not we donate? Why is unemployment such an immense problem? An ideal parliamentarian should. Should we change society and what steps should be taken? Abdul Latief. Career. Achievement. Vocabulary. References.

This article discusses these problems: Wasteful society Remuneration problems Bureaucrats do not serve society and democracy Dishonest and risky business Mafia ideologists Lack of Business leaders.

Corruption is a crime comitted by officials abusing of their role to procure gain for themselves or somebody else. Several forms of corruption exist: bribery, abuse of power. Corruption is more or less the same spread in the western and eastern countries.

Some charity organizations: World Medical Relief; Save the Children; Action Against Hunger / ACF-USA; Feed the Children; World Vision.

An ideal parliamentarian should keep his promises; He shoud take a role model of the society; Should be responsible and conscientious; He should be educated; He should be honest.

Founded PT Latief Marda Corporation; Founded PT Indonesia Product Centre Sarinah Jaya; Latief expanded his business into television.

Acknowledge - pripažinti (admit) Frustation – nusivylimas, žlugimas (come down) Undeserved – nepelnytas Poverty – skurdas, vargas (misery) Attribute – požymis (symptom) Predict – numanyti (envisage) Desperation – neviltis (despair) Plunder – plėšti (rob) Accumulated – susikaupęs (concentrated) Enemy – priešas (hostile) Madness – pamišimas (craze) Erring – paklydes, prarastas (lost) Recall – prisiminti (remember) Demolition – griovimas, naikinimas (destruction) Devalue – nuvertinti (depreciate) Regime – režimas (mode) Obtain – gauti (get) Desire- noras (wish) Poorly – blogai (wrong) Passionate – karštas, aistringas (hot) Utter – pasakyti (say) Abundant – gausus (plentiful) Stratum – sluoksnis (ply) Concern – rūpestis (care) Evident – akivaizdus (obviuos) Duty – pareiga (onus) Contrary – priešingas (opposite) Feast – šventė (festival) Peat – durpės (turf) Excud – viršyti (overshoot) Path – kelias (road) Goverment – vyriausybė (administration) Sustain – išlaikyti (keep) Capable – galintis (able) Owner – savininkas, turėtojas (holder) Regain – atgauti (get back) Leaseholder – nuomininkas (tenant) Mirage – miražas (illusion) Cultivation – auginimas (growing) Hothouse – šiltnamis (greenhouse).

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