Comparative and superlative adjectives

Lietuviskai comparatives superlatives. Comparatives superlatives taisykles. Comparative and superlative taisykles. Comparative adjectives taisykles. Comparatives and superlatives of adjectives taisykle. Comparison of adjectives taisykles. Comparative and superlative taisykle. Adjective comparative taisykles. Superlative pavyzdziai. Superlatives anglu kalba.

Anglų skaidrės. Comparative and superlative adjectives. Some rules about forming comparatives and superlatives. Spelling rules. Two-syllable adjectives. Three-syllable adjectives. Irregular adjectives. Use of comparatives. Other uses of comparatives. Other uses of comparatives. Use of superlatives. The opposites of comparatives and superlatives.

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  • Comparative and superlative adjectives
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