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is an act when public is misused for someone’s private gain. It is a dishonest, fraudulent or unethical conduct to acquire benefit. mostly involves bribery and deception for personal gain by a group or person in power. There are many scales and types of corruption. Two main types are petty and grand corruption. between a small group of people which often happen when public officials meet public, it is known as the “petty” corruption. People experience this type almost daily, using daily services like schools, hospitals, taxing authorities etc. Petty is bribery, widely explained as the exchange of small gifts, money or use of personal connections which are used to gain some kind of favors. that affects the government is called “grand” or political which happens among the highest levels of government and involve political decision-makers. Political is commonly found in countries with authoritarian, dictatorial governments or in those, with lack of policing of corruption. It happens when laws, rules and policies are ignored by the rulers to fit their interests and to sustain their wealth and power. As it is known, the most power of public nowadays has the government. Government is a system which has the power to control a particular group of people, a state, the country. Basically, it is the place where the act and manner of controlling people and making decisions in creating rules and laws happens. Every countries government should be the place which fights with corruption. Sadly, but in many cases the government is almost the most corrupted place of the society.

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