Criminal law

Anglų referatas. Criminal law. Definition of a crime. Classification of offences according to the degree of their seriousness. Classification of offences according to their object. Criminal liability. Defences. Mitigating and aggravating circumstances. Criminal penalties. Criminal law puzzles. Criminal law of lithuania. Answer the questions.

(a) a prisoner escaped from a burning gaol;

(d) to protect himself or another from unlawful detention of himself or another;

How are criminal deeds classified in the new Criminal Code? Give definitions of each type of criminal deed.

In which cases can criminal liability be eliminated?

What types of punishment were introduced by new Criminal Code?

What is taken into account when determining the punishment to the defendant?

What is the most severe punishment provided by the new Criminal Code?

What measures of remand may be applied to the suspect? Which of them are new ones introduced by the new Code?

When may pre-trial detention be imposed on the suspect? What is the maximum period of pre-trial detention according to the new Code?

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  • Criminal law
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