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Energetinis saugumas apibūdinamas kaip nepertraukiamas energijos gavimas už prideramą kainą. Energijos ištekliai gausiai naudojami ir yra ypač svarbus moderniam pasauliui. Jų dėka šildomės namus, keliaujame, gaminame produktus ir dar daugiau. Išteklių sunaudojimas vis didėja, todėl ypač svarbu užtikrinti patikimą ir racionalų jų gavimą ir naudojimą. Tam, kad tinkamai naudoti energetinius išteklius valstybės ir atitinkamos institucijos (pvz: international energy agency) kuria planus bei strategijas tam. Mano tikslas supažindinti ir aprašyti kas yra energetikos saugumas bei kokia yra jo įtaka ekonomikai.

Energy availability. Diversification and geopolitical factors are key issues that determine energy availability. Through diversification of supply sources, energy importers can reduce and better mitigate the risks of import disruptions. Concerns about geopolitical issues include events such as outbreaks of wars, destabilized regimes, or regional tensions which can lead to oil or gas supply disruptions. Energy supply diversity can take several forms. A country which imports energy from many different countries has high source diversity. A country with large land area has higher potential for spatial diversity as it can distribute energy facilities across different sites and reduce the impact of critical incidents in a specific location. Another source of spatial diversity is the promotion of distributed generation of renewable energy. A country can enhance energy mix diversity by having a more balanced energy supply of different energy types. For countries that rely on renewable energy sources which are intermittent, technology diversity is an important consideration. The transportation and delivery energy imports can be diversified to enhance transport route diversity. One way to reduce such risks is to reduce imports that pass through known chokepoints or having multiple supply pipelines to reduce the dependence on any individual pipeline.

Energy prices determine the affordability of energy supplies and have a number of dimensions such as the absolute price level, price volatility, and the degree of competition in energy markets. Since crude oil is traded in US dollars internationally, exchange rates and purchasing power of different currencies play a role in determining how much a country and its people pay for energy imports. Volatile prices of fossil fuels can cause problems in securing energy supplies and affect the ability of policymakers to plan for capacity expansion and other shorter term measures.

Governance. Sound government policies help to hedge against and mitigate short-term energy disruptions. Forward-looking governments support the effective planning of infrastructure needs to ensure long-term energy security. Policies related to energy taxes and subsidies impacts the energy security of the nation. Increasingly, countries are engaging in energy diplomacy with foreign policies geared towards ensuring energy supplies from exporting regions. In addition, the government has an important role to play as the key information gatherer, since high quality data facilitates effective large-scale planning for energy security. The government’s role in policymaking, regulatory process, diplomacy and information collection has been highlighted in Department of Energy and Climate Change and Goldthau and Sovacool.

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