Environmental Initiatives

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Hello, today I will tell you about . So, first I would like to talk how my class, scholl join to the preservation of the environmental . Next, I'll tell you about the importance of the various initiatives. And finally I‘ll tell about that the role played of famous people in these activities. So, I would like to start :)

In fact, one of example is our school also takes part in environment protection. For example, every autumn all classes have to collect garbage and leaves. On the other hand, our school really supports environment-friendly, because the class celebrates World planting tree Day, during which planted at least one tree in oak woods. I also hope that our class did not stop the tradition, during the twelfth grade students as well as planting a tree.

To sum up, if we want to live in the clean and safe environment, we have to take part in and make our lives more beautiful.

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