Environmental problems anglų skaidrės

Anglų skaidrės. Deforestation. Causes of deforesation. Effects of deforestation. Possibility solutions. Pollution. Causes of pollution. Effects of pollution. Possibility solutions. Overfishing and destructive fishing. Causes of overfishing and destructive fishing. Effects of overfishing and destructive fishing. Possibility solutions.

Forest fire; Illegal logging; Weak enforcement of regulation; Lack of funding.

Flood; Severe soil erosion; Many Philippines species which depend on forests are endemic.

Poor waste disposal; Smoke from transportation/industries; Poor agricultural practices; High population growth; Weak management and enforcement regulations.

Presence of Hazardous or toxic tochemical pollutants;human, plant and animal health life.

Dynamite fishing; Using small holes fishnet; Poor enforcement of fishery laws.

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  • Environmental problems anglų skaidrės
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