Famous world buildings

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Famous world buildings. Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower is. St. Basil's Cathedral. St. Basil's Cathedral is in Maskva, Russia. Vilnius St. Anne's Church. Vilnius St. Anne's Church is in Vilnius, Lithuania. Colosseum or Flavius ​​amphitheater. Colosseum is in Roma, Italy. Colosseum was built in I century. Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge was.

Eiffel Tower is in Paris, France. Eiffel Tower was built in XIX century. Gustave Eiffel on the tower engraved 72 French scientists, engineers and other famous people names.

St. Basil's Cathedral is in Maskva, Russia. St. Basil's Cathedral was built in XVI century. All cathedral domes are different size.

Brooklyn Bridge was built in New York, U.

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  • Famous world buildings
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