Fascinating Lisbon

Anglų rašinys. Name/location (of the city you describe). Things to see/do. Nightlife/eating out. Recommendation. Lisbon, one of the oldest capitals in europe, is situated on the west coast of portugal. Its rich history, colourful traditions and more modern attractions make it a fascinating city. Anyone lucky enough to visit lisbon will find plenty to see and do. For a start, the magnificent castle of saint george is must. The castle, which is built on a hill, offers a fantastic view over the city. Directly below is alfama, the oldest part of lisbon. Visitors can walk along its narrow streets where they can see fish sellers carrying baskets on their heads. Lisbon is a wonderful city. If you want to experience the beauty and fascination of a great european capital, it would be the perfect holiday destination for you.

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  • Fascinating Lisbon
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