Genetically modified crops

Rasinys genetically modified food. Genetic engineering rasinys. Genetic modification anglu rasinys. Genetic modified food rasinys. Rasinys gmo food. Genetically modified food rasiniai.

Anglų rašinys. Genetically modified crops.

There is two opinions about genetically modified crops: some people think, that genetically modified crops are useful and others think that these crops could be harmful to our organism. Scientists also could not find a compromise on GM crops and this is one of the reasons why they carry out so many tests with these crops.

First of all, genetically modified crops could be harmful to our organism, for example, it could evoke allergies, affect the human digestive system in a number of ways. Secondly, these crops could change the microbiological flora of the soil and in this way genetically modified crops could change world’s ecosystem. Moreover, GM crops can also make it difficult to know what you are eating, as a plant could contain animals products via genetic engineering.

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  • Genetically modified crops
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