Has brazil blown up?

Ekonomikos savarankiškas darbas. Has brazil blown up?

Hay, for everyone, Today We talk about the text "Has Brazil blown it?" It's everything about brazil economic, that previuos it immediately grown up, about 7.5%, but in 2012 the economy grew by just 0.9%. Hundreds of thousands people walks to the streets and complaining of high living costs, poor public services and the greed and corruption of politicians. That happens?

First of all I want to start that , in the mid-1990s the economy has stabilised after Fernando Henrique Cardoso and later, about early 2000s push the accelerator Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. So, For 23 years, Brazil from a poor agrarian country was developing in a strong economy. Brazilians have been particularly successful 2010 - the gross domestic product (GDP) grew (How I mentioned before) by 7.5 percent. With this indicator Brazil behind only China, India, Turkey and Argentina. In 2011. March the Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega said that the country's GDP reached 2.1 trillion. Dollars, calculated at purchasing power parity - 3.6 trillion. U.S. dollars. According this, Brazil overtake Britain and France! In this econimic euphoria brazil won football World Cup and the summer 2016 Olympics.

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