Hobbies anglų rašinys apie hobby

Mano hobis rasinys. Hobis rasinys. Hobby rasinys. Anglu rasiniai apie hobi. My hobby rasinys. Mano hobis angliskai. Anglu rasinelis apie hobi. Hobiai anglu rasinys. Rasinelis anglu kalba apie hobi. Angliskai apie hobby.

Anglų rašinys. A lot of people in the world have hobbies. The free time can be spent playing the piano or anything else, traveling or painting.
First of all, a wonderful hobby is traveling. If you want to have a good trip, you have to consult with your travel agent. Brochures can help you choose where you want to really go. Traveling is interesting. You can visit a lot of famous places in the entire world.

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  • Hobbies anglų rašinys apie hobby
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