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Anglų namų darbas. SUN TZU AND THE ART OF BUSINESS by Mark McNeilly.

The book I have read recently is named “Sun Tzu and The Art of Business”. The author of this book is Mark McNeilly. This book represents how the art of war can be used in business. In spite of this, book also provides readers to take a part in practical view. It means that these book’s theoretical methods are explained by the attitude of practice. The book is divided into 7 parts, which consist of different principles of Sun Tzu and the art of business: how the art of war used many years ago can be used in nowadays. These principles are as steps, which could be used in business competition.

The first part of this book is talking about how win all without fighting (Capturing your market without destroying it). Your goal is relative market dominance, which is necessary for long-term survival and prosperity.

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