How technologies are going to change our/society life in the future?

Technologijų esė. Introduction. Working. Information. Health. Manual labor. Travelling. Plane. Car. Train. Ship. Communicating. “Skype”. Smart phones. Education. Brain- computer interface. Fig. 7. Brain- computer interface [7]. Books. Schools. Friendly robot. Self-cleaning furniture. Conclusion. References.

The world nowadays is full of devices that help people in all kinds of everyday tasks: working, driving, communicating, researching, studying, cooking, traveling, etc. Most of those daily things can now be done only using a smart phone, but years ago people would not even imagine such device and that brings out a question: what is going to be in the future? The main aim of this essay is to discuss the main tasks that every human, businessman, politician, etc., does every day and how will technologies help to do them in the future.

Working is inseparable thing in our life. Searching for information, sitting in front of computer every day, doing a hard handiwork wearies everyone and even though there are a lot of technologies that help people, in the future they will be improved as well.

Everyone these days knows how to use “Google” in order to find some information, but sometimes it is quite difficult to write a report while there is a “Word” and lots of tabs opened in the browser at the same time. That is why in the future there will be a “google search” integrated in “Word”, “Excel”, “PowerPoint” or any other program that you use while working. You will not have to get lost in all of those pages and tabs, you will find everything in one place.

Most of the jobs nowadays require using a computer, smart phone, tablet, etc., and that is why there are so many people who use glasses.

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  • How technologies are going to change our/society life in the future?
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