How to be healthy?

Anglų rašinys. How to be healthy?

First of all, you should do more exercise. It helps people lose weight and that automatically helps then to gain confidence. By staying in shape people are less likely to get down with flu or other diseases because exercising also boosts your immune system. Even a change as minor as walking for 20-30 minutes a day, five days a week can improve your immune system. But just because you can run 5 kilometers without stopping doesn't mean you're healthy—same goes for lifting weights. If you only do one activity, you're only using one set of muscles. You'll be shocked when you go swimming or do other workouts which involve to train other muscles. Because of this you should try cross training. Doing several different activities works all of your muscles, which can help prevent an injury.

Secondly, you should eat properly. The first thing that can help you do this is by eating breakfast.

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  • How to be healthy?
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