Innovations of wear design and technologies

Anglų rašinys. Innovations of Wear Design and Technologies.

Recently in wear design there has been dominating colour „Nude“ which is sand - champagne hue in the colour pallete.The use of this colour started from clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up and nail polish. Soon this colour in shades of cream, apricots, sand, light brown, pale yellow and caramel appeared in the interior. It is easily used as it might be successfully combined with any other colours, regardless of whether it's pastel or dark shade.

There is a special revival of fabrics decorated in ancient IKAT technique. Not only dresses have floral and geometric patterns, but all soft home furnishings and fabrics for curtains. A little earlier animal fur patterns used by the fashion designers soon came into our houses and are used for both pillows and bedspreads textile and still reign in both areas.

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  • Innovations of wear design and technologies
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