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Ekonomikos analizė. International Online Shopping Expected to Almost Triple in Next 5 Years. Summary. Findings. Analysis. Conclusion. Interview with ib manager. (Fusun ÖZDEMIR from HONDAHow would you describe what is international buisiness? What is advantages and disadvantages of international trade? What are the important geographical aspects taht help international buisiness? How did trade bring the world together? What are the main goals of international buisiness?

n conclusion, it must be said that more and more people start to trust online shopping so it is a great possibility to expand international business for new entrepreneurs. E-commerce stores are perfect new way if entrepreneurs want to gain great profit because it is expected to grow enormously in these few years so new entrepreneurs can earn more money and find a good position in international business by opening new e-commerce stores. And in order to have a good position in online commerce all entrepreneurs should earn customers trust because as we all know to buy products online can be more risky so consumers should feel confident about e-commerce stores.

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