Jobs anglų rašinys

Job rasinys. Rasinys my inspiration. Rasinys work. Transport of holiday anglu monologas. Anglu rašinys jobs for teenagers. Job rasynis. Anglu rasinys job application. Kaip angliskai bus referatas. Anglu kalbejimo tema works/jobs. Anglų rašinėlis job.

Anglų namų darbas. Writers. Body guards. Bus drivers. Hair dressers. Nurses.

Writers work then, when they want. They don‘t get salaries, they get honorariums. Their job isn‘t difficult, if they have got inspiration. So writers have to be creative, imaginative and patient a little.

Body guards work full – time. Their job is really dangerous. Mostly they are saving rich people, so they get good salaries. Body guards have to be intelligent, brave and physically fit.

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