Kalbėjimas tema - house

My future house/flat. My future house/flat kalbejimas. My future house/flat anglų kalba. Rasinys living in a flat or a house of your own. Kalbejimo tema relationships. Tema house and flat. My future house/ flat kalbejimas.

Anglų kalbėjimo potemės 2017. I am going to talk about house and devide my speech into three parts. First, i will tell you about my flat type and the places where i lived in my life. After taht i will tell my opinios about the house from the advertisement. I will speak about advantages living in a flat or house too. And finally about my next living place in the future. So,i live in the flat,my flat is a five storey building,i live on third floor. This flat is very good,because when i was five years old,i lived in flat which wasn’t so good. There i lived about one years. My impressions about this place isn’t very good,because this apartament had to be renovated, so i don’t like this flat.

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