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Pakvietimo laiskas. Pakvietimas rusiskai. Pakvietimas draugui atkeliauti i lietuva rusiskai. Laiskas draugui apie sali. Laiskas draugui apie savo gimta sali. Anglu laiskas draugui about place. Anglu rasinys kvietimas atvykti.

Anglų laiškas. Laiskas draugui. Kvietimas atvykti i savo sali.

It’s been long time since our last visit, so Im glad that your choice is Lithuania. I think your holidays we can spend together.

I know a good place where we can take a rest. That place is called Nida. Nida has a very nice dunes, Lithuanians call them golden dunes. Also also there is the sea, there we can spend a long time but if weather in those days will be bad we can pampering SPA treatments.

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