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Anglų analizė. Project. LESTO analysis of electricity monopoly. Introduction. Analysis of data. Competitors comparison of prices. Resources.

In 2010 Lithuania has started the project of separating the supply and distribution with transmitting of electricity. The idea of this project was to liberalize and develop truly competitive market of electric energy like in Western European countries. Competitiveness should have guaranteed lower prices and higher quality and effectiveness for consumers of electricity. The company LESTO – main today’s electric energy supplier and distributor in Lithuania- was established in 2011 in order to temporarily provide electricity. Since 2015 LESTO should fully transfer the responsibility of supplying of electricity to independent Lithuanian suppliers and stay in the market just as distributor and transmitter of electric energy. However today, in the middle of 2012, when already 65 independent companies could provide electricity for Lithuanians, LESTO still stays in the market as main supplier.

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