Lithuania anglų rašinys apie Lietuvą

Rasinys apie lietuva angliskai. Apie lietuva angliskai. Prezentacija apie lietuva anglu kalba. Angliskai apie lietuva. Lietuva angliskai. Apie lietuva anglu kalba. Rasiniai apie lietuva anglu kalba. Anglu kalbos rasiniai apie lietuva. Rašinys apie lietuva anglišaki. Pasakojimas apie lietuva angliskai.

Anglų rašinys. Lithuania is a very nice country in the middle of Europe. Klaipėda is near The Baltic Sea. This country is full of little and big towns, some castles and mounds. Vilnius, the capital, is well-known city which has beautiful landscapes, some universities, galleries, presidential and modern buildings. Lithuanian is the official language here, but in schools, gymnasiums, colleges, universities teachers teach children another languages like english, german, russian and more. Lithuanians have a great taste of music and dancing.

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