Making a compound from two solid elements

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Making a compound from two elements. Iron II sulphide FeS. Materials used Chemicals.

Iron filings and sulphur powder were mixed together on a clean sheet of paper and mixed together. By using magnet underneath of the sheet observation was taking place. It was observed that only iron filings were easily attached together and moved along with the magnet. By joining together they went spiky and upward. It was seen that under the normal room temperature iron and sulphur didn’t react together, so they where easily separated by using the magnet.

The mixture of iron filings and sulphur powder were poured into the glass test tube, mass 4 (test tube with iron and sulphur mixture before heating) – 27.54 g. It was placed under the Bunsen burner. Holding it with tongs it was heated under the blue flame. It started going red as it was burning, some liquid and bubbling was observed while burning. Yellow gas was seen evaporating, as well as smelled. Glowing at the bottom of it. After it all burned, it was left to cool down and weigh it again. Mass 5 (test tube with product after heating) – 27.44 g.

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