Metabolism in Japan

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Main metabolism principles:

Compliance with these principles, the buildings and their facilities could very long recently is not physically or morally. This is an essential metabolic aspiration.

Metabolism sets out forms and systems theory, applying it not only urbanization, but also in a separate building architecture. The design of individual buildings metabolism is much easier to get closer to reality and construction practices, faster check your statements reality.

Metabolism method helps to create space for an item of equipment common human scale, the use of such forms, which are then can be changed, and the freedom to provide the basis for further development technological progress.

The Nakagin Capsule Tower conseption looks for me very interesting. This building is a rare built example of Metabolism.

Now building is in bad condition and there is augmenting to tear it down. For me, the most important thing is that city is rich, if it preserves its memory. Not always a good idea to just tear down buildings because you need to build bigger ones. I think there is value in preserving history. You do not have to like the building or not like the building, but just the fact that it was an important building at one time it should be enough to merit itself preservation.

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