Modernizmas anglų referatas Modernism

Anglų referatas. Modernism. Introductions: modernism ( art ). Modernism ( architecture ). Modernism ( name ). History ( origins and sources of modernism ). Early modernism. Ciam. Mature post war – modernism. Late modernism , criticism and the decline of modernism. Neomodernism and docomomo. Features modernist building. Urban modernist ( development of building zones ). Communications. City center. Modernist housing. Conclusions.

The concept of modern art is associated with the new concepts of art and works that return towards the deepening of reflection on language , art , artistic experiment , application of new techniques and materials , a deep faith in the relationship of culture and art , and above all with the idea of progress (linear development of art and history).

Modernist art is based on the attitudes of the Enlightenment pedigree , and so on rationalism , liberalism , and the already mentioned idea of progress.

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