Most popular places of tourists in vilnius

Vilnius famous places. Apie vilniu angliskai. Rasinys apie vilniu anglu kalba. Famous places in vilnius. Rasinys apie vilniu. Popular places in vilnius. Rasiniai apie vilniu. Anglu rasinys apie vilniu. Rasinys apie vilniu angliskai. Rasinelis apie vilniu angliskai.

Anglų rašinys. Today i‘m going to talk about the most popular places of tourists in vilnius. So i‘m going to speak about the most famous attractions in vilnius, how they are related to the history of lithuania and why. I will begin by saying that vilnius is the biggest city in lithuania, and it is the capital of lithuania. Vilnius was first mentioned in historical sources in. , and is located at the confluence of the neris and vilnia. I think that the most famous place in vilnius is cathedral. The grand duke of lithuania vytautas was crowned in the cathedral. By the. Th century cathedral was buried. After some time the cathedral turned into a sort of mausoleum or pantheon. Near the cathedral the monument of gediminas stands. Gediminas was the grand duke of lithuania. He ruled from. To. Gediminas is considered the founder of vilniaus city. The monument was built in. If people saw the cathedral and the monument of gediminas, so then they would definetely like to visit the gediminas tower, which was called after the name of the founder of the city. The tower height is. Meters. The tower has become a symbol of vilnius. In the castle tower there is an exposition reflecting the history of vilnius castle.

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  • Most popular places of tourists in vilnius
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