My dream car

Anglų referatas. First generation (2005–2015). Features. Engines. Safety. Q7 hybrid (2005). Q7 3. 0 TDI clean diesel (2009). Q7 4. 2 TDI (2007–2009). Q7 V12 TDI (2008–2012). Audi Q7 coastline (2008). Lawsuit on the use of the letter Q. Facelift (2009–2015). Q7 3. 0 TDI clean diesel quattro (2009–2015). Q7. US models. Engines. Transmission. Second generation (Typ 4M2015–). World first innovations. New features for Audi. New features. Safety. Engines.

Audi Q7 is safe, powerful and luxury SUV. It have several engines to chose from, some of them are economic, some of them are very powerful, so you can chose witch you like more. Because Audi Q7 is SUV it is very safe ant more safer than small cars, so its good choice for families.

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  • My dream car
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