My last vacation

My summer holidays rašinys. Rasinys my summer holidays. My summer holiday rasinys. Rasinelis my summer. My summer holidays. My holiday rasinys. Winter holidays rasinys. Vacation anglu rasinys. Rasinys my holiday. My winter holiday rasinys.

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When my summer vacation came, I was happy that I could forget about school at least for a while. I have holidays just four times in the year. It is autumn, winter, Easter and summer holidays. Summer holidays are the longest ones, they last for three months and other holidays are just for a few weeks.

Firstly I want to tell about June . After I finished school, me and my family went to the sea, to the Giruliai resort for a week. The weather was great. I met a lot of new friends. On the evenings we were singing songs by the bonfire, throughout the days we were playing basketball, volleyball and card games. I had a few mosquito bites, but my new friends didn‘t let me to complain.

July was great too. On this month came my cousin from Belgium, she speaks six languages and tought me a little bit each of them. Sometimes i spent my time in the fields and took photos of the horses and flowers, they were wonderful.

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