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Made by’. North Carolina. Map Geography Climate History Colonial period and. Map. Geography. North Carolina consists of three main geographic sections The Atlantic Coastal Plain. Climate. In the summer months, the daily average temperature is 32 ° C. History. The fort lasted. Colonial period and Revolutionary War. The new province. American Civil War. In 1860, North Carolina was a slave state. Language. Religion. The state also has a special history with the Moravian Church. Major cities. Largest combined statistical areas. North Carolina has three major Combined Statistical Areas with populations of more than. Colleges and universities. Sport. North Carolina is. Music. North Carolina boasts a large number of noteworthy jazz musicians. Food. North Carolina features many unique foods. Art. Blue Nautilus Shell. Sea Lovers. Sharon Cummings. Thank you for your attention .

Map Geography Climate History Colonial period and Revolutionary War American Civil War Language Religion Major cities Largest combined statistical areas Colleges and universities Sport Music Food Art.

In the summer months, the daily average temperature is 32 ° C. Coast has mild temperatures in winter, the day is rarely below 4 ° C. The average temperature during the day on the coastal plain of 11-14 ° C for the winter.

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