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Skaidrės apie Velykas anglų kalba
Easter. What is easter? Passover or easter. Christian holiday, adapted to the old faith, celebration, symbolizing christ's resurrection. Easter is the most important christian festival. Easter liturgy. The celebration of easter begins with holy thursday and continues throughout the easter period before ascension day holiday. Egg. From pagan times ...
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2013 05 03
Kalėdų ir Velykų papročiai
Kalėdų papročiai. Gruodžio. – oji viena iš svarbiausių švenčių. Mes žinome, kaip kalėdos švenčiamos lietuvoje, ispuosiamios gatves lemputėmis, puošiamos eglutės. Kalėdu rytą visi atsikelia ir bega prie eglutes paziureti dovanu, visos seimos suseda prie stalu ir kartu valgo, zaidzia zaidimus, buriasi. Šv. Velykos – kristaus ...
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2011 03 12
Velykos ir Jurginės
Šv. Velykos - Kristaus prisikėlimo šventė. Senovės lietuvoje jos buvo švenčiamos kaip gamtos atbudimo šventė. Prieš velykas buvo laikomasi pasnininko. Paskutinė savaitė prieš velykas buvo vadinama didžiąja. Ji buvo laikoma vėlių savaite,arba vėlių velykomis. Jurginės.
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2010 03 03
Anglų rašinys apie kompiuterius
Computers. Anglų rašinys kompiuteriai.
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2013 02 24
Apie šeimą anglų kalba
My family consists of four people. I have father, mother and brother.
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2014 03 07
Anglų rašinys apie kalėdas
Just about every family that celebrates Christmas has its own unique family Christmas traditions. These might include certain holiday decorations, special Christmas activities, and cherished holiday ornaments. All family members, even those far away come home to spend time together. Our family starts preparation for Christmas eve starts early in ...
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2013 01 23
Anglų rašinys apie vasarą
Summer to remember. Rašinys apie vasarą angliškai.
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2013 06 26
Sea Festival
Sea Festivities are held annually in Klaipeda in order to express deep love and respect to the Baltic sea. In anticipation of Sea Holiday preparations start weeks in advance. The holiday starts with a main concert and then during all the festival a great variety of different attractions is offered to local peopleand the guests.
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2010 03 03
Anglų apie atostogas
My last summer vacation.
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2012 06 18
Pasakojimas apie gimtadieni
Pasakojimas apie gimtadieni anglu kalba.
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2012 11 20
Hobbies anglų rašinys apie hobby
A lot of people in the world have hobbies. The free time can be spent playing the piano or anything else, traveling or painting.First of all, a wonderful hobby is traveling. If you want to have a good trip, you have to consult with your travel agent. Brochures can help you choose where you want to really go. Traveling is interesting. You ...
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2013 10 06
Anglų pristatymas apie Maxima
Pristatymas apie maxima veikla anglu kalba. Annual turnover. Company. Employees. MAXIMA LT is the largest and the most successful retail chain in Lithuania. 216 stores in Lithuania. Over 500 000 buyers attend MAXIMA stores in Lithuania every day.
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2011 10 24
Nelaimingi atsitikimai
Pasakojama apie nelaimingus atsitikimus, kaip išvengti jų. Nelaimingi atsitikimai darbe. Įvadas. Informacinių šaltinių apžvalga. Pirmieji veiksmai įvykus nelaimei. Sunkių ir mirtinų nelaimingų atsitikimų tyrimas. Formos aktas. Pretenzijos dėl tyrimo. Išvados. Informaciniai šaltiniai.
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2012 12 28
In Lithuania everyone celebrates Christmas together with their families. Actually, a Christian feast commemorates the birth of Jesus. In the Christian calendar, it ranks after EASTER, PENTECOST, and EPIPHANY in liturgical importance and was not widespread until the 4th cent. A greeting card sent at Christmas to express good will. London museum ...
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2010 03 03
Patarimas draugui anglų kalba
I just got your letter. Yes, it’s very sad thing that you failed your summer exams at school. I was sorry to hear about your problem, but don’t be scared, i think i can help you and give some suggestions about this problem. My suggestion is that you ought to tell your parents. I’m sure they will understand you, because they are your best ...
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2012 03 11
Rašinys apie mamą
Jeigu kalbėčiau apie vieną žmogų,kalbėčiau apie mamą.
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2014 04 03
Environmental pollution anglų monologas aplinkos tarša
Anglų kalbos monologasTema: Aplinkos tarša.Vandens, oro, garso tarša
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2013 02 14
Mobile phones
Puikiai tiks jeigu reikia gero anglų rašinio. Mobiles phones are the highest wireless technology is rapidly spreading around the world. Scientists say the use of mobile phones in almost a quarter of the world's population. This table is made out to the people who use one or more mobile phones. The highest percentage of people have only one phone ...
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2011 02 08
Pasakojimas apie save
Okay. I got task tell us about yourself. I‘m Eglė, i‘m 17 years old, studying in the 11th grade. I live with my parents, my little brother and sister.So I love to embroider, watch TV, meet to friends, and sit at the computer like all normal teenagers. Although not attend any school clubs, activities enough for me. Not matter ...
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2013 01 08
Leo anglų rašinys apie liūtą
Anglų rašinys apie liūtą.
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2013 02 27
Fashion anglų projektas apie madą
What is fashion? How people preparing to stylish? Why people wear clothes? Where fashion began? France. Fashion festivals. Summer fashion. Winter fashion. Autumn fashion. Spring fashion. Old fashion.
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2012 11 16
Anglų rašinys apie sportą Sports
Broadly speaking, there are many people who do sports and they do it for many reasons. There are people who do sports every day, also few times in a week or just when they want. In my opinion, not every person realize the benefits and importance of sports. I think there are several benefits of sports that people often do not think about. ...
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2013 03 19
Pollution Anglų rašinys apie taršą
Anglų rašinys apie taršą.
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2013 03 17
My future profession anglų rašinys apie profesiją
My future profesion.
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2014 05 06
My favorite season
Anglų rašinys apie mėgstamiausią metų laiką. My favorite season.
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2012 11 14
Velykų papročiai
Vėlykų šventimo papročiai ir jų prasmė. Referatas apie velykų papročius.
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2012 11 06
Jobs anglų rašinys
Writers. Body guards. Bus drivers. Hair dressers. Nurses.
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2012 05 28
Pasaka rašinys Katinėlis
Vienišas katinas. Naujieji Miaukio namai. Aš noriu į lauką! Laiminga pabaiga.
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2013 09 13
My native town Kaunas
I live in Lithuania. In town that is called Kaunas. We have two main parts of town. It is the Old town and the New town. Kaunas is one of the biggest industrial centers in Lithuania. Kaunas is the students city too.
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2010 03 03
Car accident
I and my father were going fishing. My father put on the brakes we were started to lose control ,car skidded and we felt in the ditch. I remember the loud crash and the explosion of broken glass. All in all I think people shouldn’t drink and drive also they should wear seatbelts! It saves lives.
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2010 03 03